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Palmetto Parent: Columbia's Complete Resource for Parents and Families

Palmetto Parent is the community's only print and online publication targeted exclusively to families in Columbia and the surrounding region. Our editorial focus provides readers with the most current, highest quality information, making Palmetto Parent a must-read for parents of children from birth to age 18. No other magazine gives families a local angle on children, entertainment, and things to do in such a fresh, readable style.

Throughout the year, we stay in step with what's going on in your life. We offer techniques to maximize the school-year experience, we present suggestions for holidays and summer pastimes, and we propose activities that will become new family traditions. Plus, we provide lots of information on managing finances, making "green" choices, celebrating birthdays, going to the doctor, and becoming a better parent whether your child is a newborn or an adolescent.

From our own experience as parents, we know how satisfying it is to acquire information from various sources in order to make smart decisions. In creating a magazine, we honor that same all-encompassing approach. We appreciate your thoughts and viewpoints and would love to hear what you enjoy already and what you believe would make Palmetto Parent an even more valuable resource for you and your children. To share ideas, offer feedback, or just reach out, get in touch with us. We're here to make the most important job on earth just a little easier!

Palmetto Parent welcomes your inquiries and suggestions. For editorial or advertising assistance, please contact the appropriate person below.

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Lori Coon - COO and Publisher
864.271.1105 (ext. 179) office
864.271.1165 fax  

Mark Wagnon – Account Manager 

803.731.7794 office
864.271.1165 fax

Kiki Wooley – Account Manager
803.731.7794 office
864.271.1165 fax

Main Office: 

Palmetto Parent Magazine
303 Haywood Road, Greenville, SC 29607 


The purchasing power employed jointly by all mothers accounts for nearly $1.6 trillion in annual spending, according to the Moms in Business Network, a national organization advocating for working mothers. With moms having this much influence over consumer purchases, doesn't advertising in Palmetto Parent – a publication dedicated to families – make sense for your business marketing plan?

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Demographics of Our Readers


89% female, 11% male

Ages of Children in Household 
39% under 5 years of age
64% between ages of 5 and 12
34% between ages of 13 and 18

Planned Purchases
(during the next 12 months)

43% Furniture/Home Furnishings
39% Home Improvements
51% Television/Electronics
60% Automobile Accessories
57% Lawn and Garden
44% Florist/Gift Shops
30% Heating/Air Conditioning
58% Vacations/Travel
79% Men's Apparel
94% Women's Apparel
97% Children's Apparel
30% Arts and Crafts Supplies
28% Childcare
81% Education/Classes
26% Veterinarian
78% Tax Advisor Services
33% Health/Exercise Classes
32% Cleaning Services
33% Lawn Services
34% Pharmacist/Prescriptions
27% Cellular Phone Service
86% Dining/Entertainment
59% Athletic/Sports Equipment

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