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Making Room For Nothing

After school activities are wonderful. Research shows kids gain an advantage - they do better in school. Really it's about finding a balance.

Tween Daughter and Dad: The Joy of Cooking

She likes to surprise us and tries to comfort us with, “I know where the fire extinguisher is.”

Summer Camp 101: Making the Most of Summer

Whether you're looking for a few hours of entertainment or weeks of intentional skill-building for your child, you can find it at camp.

Join Thousands of Revelers at Famously Hot New Year in Downtown Columbia, S.C. on Dec. 31

Dance in the Streets at the seventh-annual Famously Hot New Year celebration, S.C.’s largest New Year’s Eve party, free!

Protecting Your Home While You're Away took a deeper look into home security and personally tested out the top systems on the market.

The Importance of Boredom

I learned that it’s much less about equipment than about showing kids something new and interesting, and letting them explore to their heart’s content.

Raising Eager Readers

It can be difficult for parents to know exactly when to start teaching their children how to identify colors and numbers or when the right time is to start reading to them.

Anti-Drug Challenge Encourages Students to be Part of the Solution

Prescription opioid misuse and heroin use have reached epidemic levels in the United States.

Christmas Cookie Party Perfection

The next best thing to baking cookies for many home chefs is baking cookies with friends.

Holiday Survival Guide for Busy Parents

A parent’s to-do list grows by the hour during the holiday season.