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Finish the School Year Strong

10 Ways to Help Your Child Stay Focused

Raising Eager Readers

It can be difficult for parents to know exactly when to start teaching their children how to identify colors and numbers or when the right time is to start reading to them.

5 Tips for Finding College Scholarships

College is a significant investment and millions of families each year face the question of how to pay for it.

Empowering Teens through Smart Spending

Children are the ultimate investment, so teach your teen to be a smart spender with these savvy tips.

Why Can’t My Child Read?

If you’ve “failed” to read to your kids, begin today. In short order you’ll find you enjoy reading together as much as your children do.

Questions Families Should Ask About School Discipline

Now that the new school year has begun, parents should review their school’s code of student conduct (or student handbook) to learn their school’s plan to safeguard student safety and learning, keep students in school, and ensure that discipline is administered fairly and equitably.

Raising A Writer: 10 Real-life Tips To Champion Your Young Scribbler

When a choice comes up, discuss the pros and cons out loud.

Reading Rocks: Raising a Confident Reader

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 65 percent of fourth graders read at or below the basic level

Helping Kids Prepare for Hurricane Irma

Save the Children urges families and caregivers to talk to their children about the hurricane and take immediate steps to keep them safe.

Back-to-School Butterflies? Helping Your Child Calm the Jitters

Age, experience, and temperament all determine a child’s concerns. Young children with little experience outside the home may have separation anxiety.