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Road Test: BabyPlaque

The design of the nursery on the plaque is a little bit busy for my tastes - I'd prefer something simpler. However, the engraved silver details are lovely, and the overall quality seems pretty high.

Digital issue: August 2018

Palmetto Parent August 2018: The Baby Issue

MoMENts: Push The Button!

Minutes earlier, my newborn daughter had been wheeled from the nursery into our hospital room. Nurse, where did you go? Where’s the instruction manual?

Welcoming the Newest Little One

You are thrilled about the tiny human whom you can’t wait to meet. Yet, you are anxious about how your children will adapt to the new baby and how well the older sibling(s) will transition to their new role.

Finding a Safe Quality Daycare

Not only do parents have to contend with the logistics, such as convenience of location and hours of operation, but of utmost concern is safety and development of their child.

Nap Know-How

Nap time can be a battle between parent and child that leaves you feeling exhausted rather than rested.

7 Common Feelings of NICU Parents

This experience can bring a variety of emotions that are normal, yet often confusing for parents.

5 Tips For Choosing a Pediatrician

Your child’s doctor plays an important role in their life and, therefore, you will need to find one that is a good fit for the parents and the child.

Road Test: bloom baby wipes

New baby wipes by Bloom offer a formula for every concern.

Smart Ways to Baby-Proof Your Home

First-time parents quickly discover how little they know, especially when it comes to critical tasks like baby-proofing the home.