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Coerver Carolinas

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110 Lake Carolina Blvd
Columbia, SC 29229

(803) 553-0037

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The Coerver Method (or the Coerver Coaching Technique) is a football coaching technique created by Wiel Coerver. By analysing videotapes of various great players including Pelé, Wiel Coerver, Dutch coach of the 1970s, fragmented the vision and moves of his players and devised a new concept in football which advocates that skill could not only be inherent with the young players but could also be passed onto in a comprehensive academic way. Under this technique, players progress in a structured manner, pyramidal, from basics of ball mastery to a tactically driven group attack. They would be exposed to the other essentials like Receiving and Passing, Moves (1v1), Speed and Lethal Finishing. The 1 v. 1 moves learned in the Coerver Method are more generically known to football players as “Coerver moves.” Examples of these include the scissors, double scissors, Rivelino move or step over, Matthews move, Puskás move or v-move, Maradona move or 360, Cruyff move, Scotch move, and Elastico. These moves are used to provide misdirection to get the defender leaning one direction, so that you can dribble past him. The central theme of all Coerver® Coaching concentrates on the improvement of both individual skills and small team group play. Coerver® Coaching believes that the game is made up of a series of movements and plays involving a small number of players (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc.) in different parts of the field. It is when they are linked together, or broken up defensively, that these small group plays make up a game of football. Coerver® Coaching concludes that ultimately any system of team play is only as good as the players involved. It therefore focuses on individual development both alone and in the context of small group team play.

Coerver Carolina offers several different programs to best fit your need. Coerver Performance Academy, Coerver Center of Excellence, Coerver 5v5 Cup Series, Coerver First Soccer Skills, and Coerver Camps.