The purchasing power employed jointly by all mothers accounts for nearly $1.6 trillion in annual spending, according to the Moms in Business Network, a national organization advocating for working mothers. With moms having this much influence over consumer purchases, doesn't advertising in Palmetto Parent – a publication dedicated to families – make sense for your business marketing plan?

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Demographics of Our Readers

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71.5% have purchased products or services as a result of reading an ad in Palmetto Parent.

58% have a household income of $75,000+

89% female, 11% male

Ages of Children in Household 
39% under 5 years of age
64% between ages of 5 and 12
34% between ages of 13 and 18

Planned Purchases
(during the next 12 months)

43% Furniture/Home Furnishings
39% Home Improvements
51% Television/Electronics
60% Automobile Accessories
57% Lawn and Garden
44% Florist/Gift Shops
30% Heating/Air Conditioning
58% Vacations/Travel
79% Men's Apparel
94% Women's Apparel
97% Children's Apparel
30% Arts and Crafts Supplies
28% Childcare
81% Education/Classes
26% Veterinarian
78% Tax Advisor Services
33% Health/Exercise Classes
32% Cleaning Services
33% Lawn Services
28% Legal Gambling
34% Pharmacist/Prescriptions
27% Cellular Phone Service
86% Dining/Entertainment
59% Athletic/Sports Equipment


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