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7 Ways to Plan for Cold and Flu Season

Declining temperatures can bring fun, cool-weather activities, but they also mean cold and flu season is lurking.

Smile For Picture Day Pledge to help needy children

Pledge to promote bright smiles for the chance to win 500 sets of toothbrushes and toothpaste for an elementary school in your community

Pumpkin-Perfect Autumn Recipes

Fall is perfect for making time for fun before the busy holiday season – go for a fall picnic, visit your local orchard or pumpkin patch, and take advantage of all the flavors fall has to offer.

Designer Trick-or-Treat Bags, Created By Our Youngest Designers

The pressure from companies and the kids to buy new Halloween apparel and accessories year after year can be emotionally exhausting, making us feel like we are bad parents if we don’t spring for the newest released shiny objects.

Why Can’t My Child Read?

If you’ve “failed” to read to your kids, begin today. In short order you’ll find you enjoy reading together as much as your children do.

Questions Families Should Ask About School Discipline

Now that the new school year has begun, parents should review their school’s code of student conduct (or student handbook) to learn their school’s plan to safeguard student safety and learning, keep students in school, and ensure that discipline is administered fairly and equitably.

Simple Ways to Live Better

When it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, some recommendations are fairly simple, such as exercising regularly and eating right.

Raising A Writer: 10 Real-life Tips To Champion Your Young Scribbler

When a choice comes up, discuss the pros and cons out loud.

Budget Boosters: 5 smart ways to manage your money

Even for families with a moderate household income, keeping expenses down and managing a budget can feel like a job all on its own.

Helping Kids Prepare for Hurricane Irma

Save the Children urges families and caregivers to talk to their children about the hurricane and take immediate steps to keep them safe.