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October 2018 NAPPA Reviews

Sep 10, 2018 02:37PM ● By Emily Stevenson
By Elena Eptein

NAPPA Awards Director


Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Launch & Chase Police Tower™

Serve and protect with Po the Police Car and the Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Launch & Chase Police Tower™. Chase the Getaway Car around the three track levels, launch down one of the two ramps to try and gain some speed or slide the switch to raise the road blocks to slow the Getaway Car down! Your little one will love the switch tracks, hidden trap doors and road barriers that promote motor skills. This cute toy Police Car encourages first words and imaginative play with the five SmartPoint® locations. Press Po’s light-up button to activate fun sounds, playful phrases, three sing-along songs and six melodies. The chase is on!

Suggested Retail: $39.99; For Ages: 1-5 Years


Learning Friends 100 Words Book™

Join animal friends Turtle, Tiger and Monkey as they explore new vocabulary in the Learning Friends 100 Words Book™. Explore the colorful pages and touch each picture to hear the animals say toddler-appropriate words along with exciting facts and sound effects. For an immersive language experience, slide the language switch to hear the words, songs and instructions in Spanish. Touch the pictures to hear silly sound effects in Fun Sounds mode or press the light-up star button to hear two learning songs. Discover new vocabulary with cute learning friends!

Suggested Retail: $17.99For Ages: 18+ Months


Sharingland Cardboard Playhouses

We’ve all seen it happen. We buy a gift for our kids, wrap it perfectly and as soon as our kids unwrap the gift, it’s the box they love the most. To capture preschoolers’ great sense of imagination, Sharingland has come up with clever idea–pop-up playhouses made from cardboard. All five of Sharingland’s cardboard playhouse models are sturdy and unique in design. And they all come ready-to-play. Select from Grand Palace, The Epic Castle, Space Odyssey, Ancestral Teepee or Windmill Farm. Made of 80% recycled and 100% recyclable materials. Great for promoting creativity and imagination.

Suggested Retail: $99For Ages: Ages 3+


Cat Crimes

A feline crime has been committed, and it’s your job to identify the culprit! Cat Crimes is a deductive reasoning game with a lovable cast of characters – who may be up to no good. Each of the 40 challenges presents a crime and a series of clues to help solve it. There are 6 cat suspects to choose from and a game board that features evidence. Grab your magnifying glass and sharpen your wits, it will take all your detective skills to solve Cat Crimes.

Suggested Retail: $12.99For Ages: 8+


Crayola Kids@Work Action Blocks Crayon Tube

Little builders can get a head start on STEM skills and fuel imaginations with the Crayola Kids@Work Action Blocks! This twist on classic building blocks inspires hours of creative construction fun, as each sturdy and stackable block can spin, rotate, turn, twist, expand or build – it’s interactive, cognitive and imaginative play all-in-one! When finished, put the vibrant and iconic Crayola-colored blocks in the adorable Crayon Tube and store as room décor. Includes decal sticker sheet.

Suggested Retail: $22.98For Ages: 2+