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Road Test: BabyPlaque

Sep 06, 2018 12:13PM ● By Emily Stevenson
By Emily Stevenson

Diapers, they won't remember.

Send them a BabyPlaque, a personalized wooden keepsake that can be given to new parents that will beautifully showcase the details of their newborn. Available in seven colors, it allows for customization including: baby’s name, date/time of birth, hospital, place of birth, weight, and measurements. It is beautifully crafted with dimension and is embellished with an optional genuine Swarovski crystal birthstone. 

Palmetto Parent was offered the chance to create one, and so I designed a plaque for my four-month-old baby boy.

The process is simple. You pick a color (I chose baby blue because it went well with our nursery decor). Then enter your baby's pertinent information. We skipped adding the Swarovski crystal because it seemed a little too girly. Then, you order! 

The wooden plaque is sturdy and can be hung on the wall or propped up. The design of the nursery on the plaque is a little bit busy for my tastes - I'd prefer something simpler. However, the engraved silver details are lovely, and the overall quality seems pretty high.

If you'd like to purchase one for a baby shower, you can ship the plaque, and the parent can order the engraved silver data bars (name, weight, height, etc) once the baby is born. 

All in all, a decent deal for a cute and unique gift.