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A Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day

May 05, 2017 10:37AM ● By Lori Coon

By Logan Metcalfe


Mother’s Day can be intimidating for dads like me. With young kids, it is our responsibility to make the day special. Doing it right has tremendous benefits, doing it wrong can come at great cost. No pressure!


So where do we start? How can we express to mom our deep love and appreciation without breaking the bank?


If you’re a mommy, stop reading now and give this article to your husband so he can surprise you on Mother’s Day.


Get a plan, man!

This may seem airy fairy, but close your eyes for a sec and visualize the perfect Mother’s Day from your spouse’s perspective.  Start by imagining how you’d change your typical morning routine and play the whole day through in your mind until the kids are asleep.  Here are a few ideas to help you out:



Mother’s Day Cards are essential and the best ones require some effort. For the kids, handmade is the only way to go and you’ll probably need to supervise. Have the kids make a list of five things they love about mom to be included in the note - the more original the better!  Last year my my daughter said “I love mommy more than a love heart”.  That was a winner. 


Make sure your kids have the art supplies needed to make some really eye-popping cards.  Colored paper, stickers, glue, get the idea. Oh, and there’s no reason to stop at one card each. Creating a pile of cards can make both kids and mom feel good.  


I know she’s not technically your mom, but a card from you is a must. Making your own along with the kids can be fun but it’s also OK to buy one if you’d rather. Whichever way you go, spend some time crafting a personal message that shows love and thought. A heartfelt note written on a scrap of paper will always beat the most expensive store-bought card with a stock message.



Moms always appreciate some bling and jewelry is the number one gift given on Mother’s Day, but there are affordable alternatives.  Here are a few ideas that can pull on mom’s heartstrings without costing a fortune:


-       Flowers - Flowers are a Mother’s Day essential but you don’t necessarily need to buy them. One year my son picked a bunch of “flowers” from the lawn and those weeds touched my wife’s heart so deeply she still talks about them.


-       Printed Pictures - Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to dig through your phone to find some great pictures of mom with the kids. There are many great online services that make printing pictures easy. Turn your photos into framed prints, canvas wall art, photo books, phone cases and lots of other fun gifts for mom.


-       Handmade Gifts - The internet is full of ideas, but one is to fill a decorated container with her favorite sweet indulgence. Refrigerator magnets with handwritten messages of love from your kids are also simple to make and bring mom joy all year round.



Breakfast is the biggie - if you do that right, the rest of the day will be plain sailing. Let your wife sleep-in while you work with the kids to prepare a special Mother’s Day breakfast. In our household, gluten-free pancakes shaped like hearts and topped with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup are a favorite.


Picnics can be fun for lunch and can bring the family together in a different setting. If you like to eat out, make reservations as many dads choose this easy meal-prep option and there’s nothing worse than showing up to your favorite restaurant and having to wait an hour for a table. Your lack of preparation will be exposed and that’s a really bad thing.



Mother’s Day is a great occasion to take a family outing. Whether it’s a hike in the woods, a trip to the zoo, or an afternoon in the park, make it fun for the kids and something mom will enjoy. The main thing to remember is to do all the planning and preparation yourself so your wife has a break for the day. She’ll appreciate it.


Advanced planning is the key to any successful Mother’s Day but not something us dads are always great at. Don’t be intimidated though, if you have cards, gift, meals and outing covered you should be good to go. You’ll be glad you made the extra effort and mom certainly deserves it.